‘It is a duel even of social classes’

The Capital Classic is one of the most significant rivalries in Mexican soccer and Michael Spain knows very well what it represents. The historic former player of Cougarsplayed three Finals against Americain the middle of a period in which he considered that the antagonism between the two clubs was very marked.

“It is a very special issue for me because I had the most antagonistic part of this rivalry. I had to play three endings against them and there were two antagonistic institutions, even socially they had a representation of power and we the subject of the university because many players were also from the youth academy. Every time this game comes you want the team to win and if it’s like the last time, even better”, he declared in an interview for RECORD.

The sporting enmity that exists between these teams was forged over the years and the circumstances that surrounded them only increased it. Cases such as the sale of Enrique Borjawho went from being a feline to defending the shield of the Eagles or even having faced each other in different League finals.

“We could go from Enrique Borja who left Cougars and they sold it as a ‘sack of potatoes‘, Something like that said, but there it was a more personal issue than rivalry. This starts in the 80’s with the three endings that are lived against them, we won the third one if not I was going to give them my client credential”, he pointed out.

In the 1990-91 seasonthe auriazules finally won a championship against America and this triumph represented a boost in the impetus of those of the screealthough Spain considered that this rivalry always was respectful inside the field.

“Fortunately, the group understood it and from there it was like a transmitter to the stands and minor categories, has that history. Surely the new generations no longer had to live that time, it was very antagonisticthat contrast was present in all the lines and taken healthily to the sports fieldthe pique was strong, but gentlemanly”, he pointed out.

Miguel Spain during the final against America


During his time as a player, Michael Spain lived moments of glory with Cougarseven a Final in which they defeated the Americabut precisely against his staunch rival, the former midfielder committed an own goal in semifinalssame as he said was an accident.

The May 18, 2002the university students received the Eagles to face the Semifinal series of that tournament in which a fortuitous play that gave the Azulcrema an advantage that ultimately ended up sentencing the series, a play that Spain remember to this day.

Miguel Spain during a match against America

“I think (the most difficult moments) are the Finals when you lose them. There was not a Final, It was an accident, the ball came with very good intentions; just passed by Christian Ramirez she didn’t want to do for her, she shook her head and when I got there I just had a reaction that she couldn’t help Serge Bernal”, he declared in an interview for RECORD.

And although the former Pedregal player considered that it is more complicated to lose a finalis also aware of this action, since in his entire professional career he did not commit another own goal and the only one he did was in the middle of a Capital Classicincident he said was unfortunate.

“With that we did not lose because the game continued, but I would put the finals more, they are more painful when you lose them, of course you never want these types of circumstances to happen to you against him America, the great rival, but it happens. In all my career I did not make an own goal more than that unfortunate, I always qualify own goals as an accident”, he pointed.


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