Athletes assume the scholarship as a lifetime salary: Ana Guevara

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In a week where Superior Audit of the Federation asked the conade clear out the fate of 377 million pesos of the 2020 public account, the Director Ana Gabriela Guevara talked for the program Tono de Valdes about the problem that the adjustment of the scholarships to athletes.

The former athlete and winner of the silver medal in Athens 2004, said that the athletes they have confused in their perception of scholarshipsgiven that It’s not a life salary but an economic support that is granted for good results.

“It has been something that we have had to suffer from the administrative point of view. It’s a claim it is one thing to claim with facts, and denounce with facts to just talk for speaking ignorantly of the subject.”

I can’t be giving contentillo scholarships. That because he is the godfather, the godmother, the friend, it is no longer possible. the stimuluswhich does exist, is conditional on results. We want it to be more aspirational, that they be the best in Mexico and that they can and who want to compete against the world.”

He said that the athletes they signed the responsive letter of your scholarships without reading it and that assume that this economic stimulus it’s a salary and without having any kind of responsibility on the sports theme.

Sign your responsive letter why you receive the scholarship without reading it it is like sign a bank contract without knowing what You will be charged interest. The athletes accept the scholarship as if it were a deserved salary, for life and without responsibility“, he pointed.

Finally he said that scholarships will continue to be awarded to athletes who deserve it or new values that have emerged in recent years. “Those who do not deserve (the scholarship), with the penalty. We are going to give them to those who truly deserve it and to new talent.”

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