What can you do for your personal well-being? Much more than you imagine

We ask ourselves again: What can you do for your personal well-being?

Personal well-being depends on things as simple as giving the time they deserve to the special people in our lives, in addition to others that are not insignificant, such as eating healthy and well (orderly), sleeping the necessary hours, exercising, etc. But there are also other not minor issues. like socializing, meditating, leaning on people we trust, etc.

In order for us to feel that well-being, we have to make this composition of place: do I feel good and am I happy in all aspects of my life, both professionally and personally? What things am I dissatisfied with that cause me distress and also contribute to my stress?

Well-being is something that should be prioritized as it affects the functioning of mental and physical health

When we feel good we are positively influencing both physical and mental health (it directly impacts them). In the same way, when we are not well, it ends up affecting usboth in the present and in the future that can extend too much if we do not control and/or neutralize it.

Looking for well-being is a task that we must prioritize because it is essential for functioning (how we feel day to day) of mental and physical health. It is directly related to quality of life of a person.

The aspects that well-being includes are broad: emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual. All these areas of our life are interconnected and they build on each other. It is important that all aspects of well-being are properly balanced to create a certain harmony that promotes a healthy and healthy life.

Tips to improve wellness

1º) Emotional Well-being

It directly depends on our ability to express feelings, enjoy life and deal with emotional challenges. How we manage emotions, we will have better or worse well-being. one of the keys is showing sensitivity to others (a good dose of empathy) so that they see in us that we care about that person or people. What do we have to have? the conscious perception that the other exists and also feel. Therefore, by transmitting these feelings in an empathic process, it gives us energy from other people that also helps us to perceive this delegated well-being because there are shared feelings.

2º) Physical well-being

Having a healthy body and creating good physical health habits can help improve your mood and general well-being. This requires proper exercise and a healthy eating plan. Controllable messes can be made on the weekend, but during business days we must keep an order. This balance in food intake ends up being noticed in our mood and especially mental (that of feeling with a clear mind).

3º) Intellectual Well-being

It is important to keep the brain active and healthy throughout life. Be always ready for the so-called continuous learningparticipate in groups with a social interest for the community, study languages, or a musical instrument, etc.

4th) Labor welfare

It is appropriate to ask certain questions, such as: Does our work reflect our personal values? As well, Do we have a positive balance between work and life? Or not least, Do we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in our work?

Not only if the job and/or profession gives you personal satisfaction, but also if it provides you with the income you need to live. That compatibility between income and feeling good is something that we are going to tend to balance over the years, thanks to maturity and experience.

5th) Spiritual Well-being

It depends on our principles and values, which decisively influences how our day-to-day life is being affected by interpersonal relationships, especially labor, because we are not fitting well what is required of us or because we do not believe in the goal and objectives that the organization has set. And most especially, we begin to doubt what is the purpose of our life.

For this, it is important to have the flexibility to adjust and/or update certain values ​​and beliefs, because society evolves and we also have to evolve with it.

6th) Social welfare

Prioritize social interactions and relationships with friends, family, and communities. Avoid isolation that can lead to depression.

Finally, all the people who have resorted to relaxation techniques, for example, through yoga in its various variants, have discovered that it was possible to achieve a level of well-being that they did not know or that they believed was not possible. Likewise, with reflection techniques, especially through respiratory gymnastics combined with meditation and reflection, it becomes a daily habit that when we lack this type of exercise, we miss it because it has become a positive habit of our life and that we know that gives us that feeling so important it is to feel good.

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