They broadcast a video of Gullit Peña drinking a bottle with a fan

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Currently without a team and with many scandals to his credit for his alleged addictions, Carlos “Gullit” Pena is back in the news after broadcast of a video in which it appears drinking straight from a bottle together with an amateur, what has been done viral on TikTok with all kinds of comments.

With a past in clubs such as León, Chivas and Cruz Azul, as well as Scottish Rangers, the famous Gullit Pena wears a red sweatshirt in the video, where appears consuming what appears to be a bottle of white tequila what do you read served directly in the mouth by the fan at his right hand.

The user Zaid Macías uploaded the images to TikTok and in a few hours it adds more than 10 thousand Likes and hundreds of comments, many of those regretting that Peña appears like this after his well-known alcohol problems, although the Gullit recently said that “they have never seen a video of me drinking”, something that he will no longer be able to argue.

​Gullit Peña, without a team at 31

World Cup for Mexico in Brazil 2014key piece of the spectacular León that was two-time Liga MX champion and at the time cataloged as export material to the Old Continent, Carlos Peña’s career foundered shortly before the aforementioned World Cup.

The injury of his friend, Luis Montesin a friendly against Ecuador it is said left him marked because since then he never regained the level. In Brazil 2014 he barely played a few minutes and his wandering through different institutions and leagues took him to El Salvador and Guatemala with the FAS and Antigua clubsrespectively, being fired from the latter for his high salary.

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