Min Min amiibo already has a release date, but the Minecraft ones are delayed

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Although Nintendo has slowed down the production of new amiibo, the truth is that the collection of figures continues to grow. Last year 3 more figures were revealed that would strengthen the collection of Super Smash Bros. in 2022 and today there is bittersweet news, as the date of one was confirmed, but the delay of the other 2 was announced.

Nintendo’s plan is to offer figures of all the fighters available in Super Smash Bros. and it is succeeding, only the DLC characters are missing and the next figures would be those of Min Min (ARMS) and Steve and Alex (Minecraft).

The Min Min amiibo was scheduled to debut sometime in 2022. The date was not specified, but Nintendo has just announced that the figure will go on sale on April 29. Along with the announcement of the date, he shared a video in which the figure can be seen up close.

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The amiibo of Minecraft will be delayed

On the other hand, there is bad news for Minecraft fans, as they will have to wait a little longer to get the Steve and Alex amiibo. We say this because its release was planned for next spring, but it has just been announced that the collectibles will not be available before July.

According to Nintendo, the reason for the delay is “a delay in logistics and production” of the figure. No date was specified, instead the company merely mentioned that the new launch window is later in the year. The good news is that new images were shared that show both figures up close and in them it is possible to appreciate the texture they will have.

Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has not announced figures of the latest characters that came to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, such as Sephiroth, Pyra or Mythra, so, if confirmed, it is very possible that they will be ready until 2023 and that with them the collection will finally be completed. We will keep you informed.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more amiibo on the way. We remind you that there will be new figures of monster hunter rise and that will debut in the coming months. Also, clues seem to indicate that Nintendo would be preparing to produce some old figures again.

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