‘I am very sorry’; Orvañanos admits his past as an Americanist

Today is a fox sports figure and the sports media in general, but few people know or remember that Raúl Orvañanos was a professional soccer player on the decade of the 70where did not start in the team of his loves, the atlanteanbut He did it in America. Solari would already have an ultimatum against Pumas.

orvañanos had one short race inside the courts but that helped him to break through in the media, because thanks to the soccer he met many people who helped him along the way; his only ‘sin’ was having played for America.

Orvañanos, youth squad of America

In an interview with Toño de Valdés, Raul Orvananos talked about what was his stage as a footballersame where he had many unforgettable moments and also some problems with managers; his beginnings were something he kept in secretsince few people knew that he did it in the ranks of the America.

I’m gonna tell you something that I have kept for many years and I’m sorry, I started in the reserves of America… yes, I played there for a season. Well, I’m not sorry but that’s where I started, in professional reserves. There were 4 goalkeepers, I played a lot in reserves but seeing the ones above I said ‘here to arrive will be in Chinese’”, confessed Orvañanos.

after this short stage as a player of Americanow yes Raúl Orvañanos was signed by Atlante, team where he came easily since he was the owner of his letter, because anticipating that in the Eagles it would be difficult to be a starteropted for this measure.

They told me about the Atlante, and pam, let’s go. I had my letter, because I didn’t get paid in America, I signed as an amateur for a chance to get out. That’s where I have more luck, I start to play, in the first season I play 30 games in a row and it was a very nice stage”, mentions today’s commentator.

Little discipline, his biggest mistake

The commentator of Fox Sports admits that he wanted to play longergiven that he lacked discipline and commitment to achieve it, because if he had focused, perhaps he could add about 10 more years on the courts.

my way through football what would have been, some 9 years I calculate, should have been moreI am aware that I was not the best professional and that limits you. I do I regret if I hadn’t been more professional, because my career would have been longer, but well there is no remedy. That has already happened”, sentenced Orvañanos.

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