SLEEP problems: Tell me what you EAT and I will tell you how you SLEEP

How does our sleep influence our way of eating? It is a question that we can ask ourselves if we are not sleeping well or, in the same sense of the case, we are not eating correctly. What is a fact is that there may be a correlation between the a person’s eating and sleeping habits.

Every time a family needs to start sleeping better it is necessary investigate diet and meal times because this will give us clear information about the personal health and habits.

According to sleep expert and founder of Sleep baby expert, Liliana Amaro, many people who can’t sleep have poor eating habits.

Problems caused by poor sleep

Sleeping little can also translate into a decreased glucose toleranceIn addition, if we do not have a good rest, it is most likely that we are so tired that it is difficult for us to feel motivated for physical activity and there will be no energy or desire to start cooking a healthy meal.

On the other hand, psychological manifestations of fatigue, sleep and hunger are similar, so that we can get confused, we believe that fatigue is a sign of hunger, so we eat.

  • Poor sleepers experience hormonal changes that can affect your body composition, tending to an increase in fat body mass and a decrease in muscle mass.
  • It is common to see rapid weight gain in couples who are sleepless, since when they are awake at night the body looks for energy and as quick satisfaction they resort to food that is not very nutritious and rich in sugars and fat.

Diet that impairs sleep

Liliana Amaro, presents a list of foods that can also negatively affect sleep quality and what we should avoid if we want to sleep better.

Coffee, tea and chocolate

Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, responsible for controlling our voluntary functions. This acts the same as cocoa and theophylline in tea, which are also diuretic substances, which also helps us disrupts bedtime since it could cause us to have to get up repeatedly to go to the bathroom.


The highly seasoned or spicy foods They impair the quality of sleep, since they increase body temperature and can cause digestive discomfort.


Legumes only affect some people and the problem comes for those who are delicate since they are flatulent foods, which can lead to complicated digestions when eaten before going to sleep and when eaten in excess during the day they can cause a very bad night.

alcoholic beverages

We believe that alcohol numbs and some people tend to resort to it as a means of falling asleep quickly but it is in rreality an unrefreshing sleep.


Although it is said that they should not be taken at night due to weight gain, a small portion of them is recommended as they help to have a restful sleep.r, reduces the feeling of hunger during the day.

The foods that are recommended before bed, at least one hour before bed, are:

  • A glass of milk
  • bananas
  • Cooked or roasted chicken in one serving
  • fried salmon
  • Beef/Pork 150g
  • Pasta, with cheese and sauce
  • Vegetable Soups
  • Minestrone soup
  • Vegetable and Legume Creams
  • muffins
  • Tacos without much fat and in moderation
  • Quesadillas fried in olive oil


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