Volcano Security would have removed the child’s poster; I asked Gignac for a photo

Monterey, Nuevo Leon /

This Saturday there was a great day in Liga MX, where we saw very good matches; one of them was the comeback from Tigres to San Luis, where Yeferson Soteldo shinedbut in the stands there was a fact ‘outrageous’, given that authorities the Volcano heand they would have removed a poster from a child and he just wanted one photo with Gignac.

Within the stages of soccer it’s a bit common to see that the amateurthey are looking for attract the attention of your favorite footballers To get one photo or autographbut this fact generated great echo because it is a childwho he failed to meet the French striker.

What happened to the boy and his poster for Gignac?

According to a user report from Twitter, @MemeKntuT, in the stands of Volcano there was a childaccompanied by his father, who held a sign phosphorescent yellow asking Gignac for a photo.

in appearance, prior to the start of the match Come in Tigres and Atletico San Luis, an element of security of the stadium He approached the boy and his father and removed the sign, moment that was captured in this photo and generated annoyance among fans.

It’s unfortunate that the authorities are like this with a child, but not with the bars”, “I hope that Gignac sees this and fulfills the child’s dream ““he only asked for a photo, what did it cost them to let him have it”, “Mexican soccer is a joke, this is our reality”, were some of the comments on social networks.

Despite the sad fact with the minor, in networks the image is already going viral so that it reaches the eyes of tigers or the same Gignacand so you can give a fact like the one in Pueblawhere they located the boy who cried after his team’s draw and took him to meet the players.

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