Referee sends Gignac and Thauvin to comply with regulatory uniform

Marco Antonio Ortiz ordered the French forwards to take off some white socks that are not included in the Tigres uniform

In the meeting between Tigres and Atlético de San Luis an unusual event was recorded, after the referee Marco Antonio Ortiz sent to the French Andre-Pierre Gignac and Florian Thauvin to change their socks to comply with the regulation.

The first one he detected was Thauvinwho in the lower part of the stockings wore white ones that regularly help the players, because they are adjusted to the ankle, but the whistleblower asked that they comply with the regulation that they all be the same color.

Given this, the Gallic player had to leave the field for a few minutes and had to change, then returned to the field of play to help the cats to try to do damage to the cabin of the Potosí team.

Minutes later, the referee detected that André-Pierre Gignac He had similar ones, so he had to go to the line to fix it anyway and resorted to putting on a yellow tape to cover them.

seeing that Mark Antonio Ortiz analyzed who had socks of another color, the also player of Tigers, Javier Aquinotook the initiative to do the same as Gignac because he also carried them and after that the match went normally.

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