Home treatment of covid patients is viable: IMSS

David Armengol Agis, deputy director of Family Medicine of the General Hospital of the Zone with Family Medicine number 1 of Pachuca of the delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), pointed out that treatment at home for patients with covid-19 is feasible because with it the chain of virus infection is cut.

He indicated that the IMSS implemented this strategy and assured that it has resulted with the beneficiaries who have tested positive for the virus to whom Social Security gives remote medical follow-up.

“Remote monitoring is viable, since the strategy was implemented it has worked well because a response has been seen from the patient and it is a way to prevent the patient from going to the Clinic so that they do not spread it and in turn so that they do not become infected. expose more”, he asserted.

He explained that once the patient is positive for covid, he is ordered to isolate himself at home and an IMSS doctor liaises with him daily by telephone to monitor him, see his symptoms, the improvements he has had until he is discharged.

“The response to remote monitoring has been favorable, in a certain way the patient is calmer and more satisfied with the service provided since he does not go to the Clinic, he is followed up from home,” he said.

He commented that in addition to remote monitoring and the treatment given to people infected with the virus, they must use the face mask all the time as well as constant hand washing.

“That the patient isolates himself, the less contact he has with his relatives, the better, with these the chain of infections is cut, it has been seen that the chain of infections has decreased,” he added.

He mentioned that the isolation goes from five to seven days with paracetamol as medicine and if after that he does not present symptoms of the disease he can return to work or resume his activities.

However, he pointed out that if the symptoms persist in the patient after five or seven days, he must return to Social Security for medical attention and assessment.

Armengol Agis reiterated that the strategy implemented by the delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security has helped to prevent the new variant of covid-19, the omicron, from spreading further.

He commented that as a result of the fourth wave of virus infections in recent days positive cases of covid registered in IMSS hospitals have decreased, “previously it was a considerable number of patients to assess.”

He stated that patients with the omicron variant have symptoms such as headache, cough, coldwhich he pointed out, are minor symptoms and can be treated at home.

He specified that in major symptoms there is fever, joint pain and muscle pain while in severe cases they have shortness of breath“but the vast majority of patients we see are with minor symptoms.”

Finally, he added that remote monitoring of patients has worked adequately“and it has helped patients to continue with adequate treatment and not continue to spread the virus with their isolation at home.”

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