El Tri will play against Brazil and Argentina before Qatar 2022

Mexico City /

The Mexican team He is already making plans for his preparation for the 2022 Qatar World Cup that will be played at the end of this year and for that he contemplates friendly matches against hierarchy teams such as Argentina and Brazil.

The idea is that the SUM company, which is the one that organizes the Tri games in United States come to an agreement with the relevant companywhich has the rights to both teams in the country of stars and stripes.

In the event that the matches can be played, it is contemplated that the game against the amazonians be in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T Stadium, a property that must be stepped on at least once a year by contract.

The duel against Albiceleste would be taken to the city of Los Angeles California in order to inaugurate for a soccer match the sofi stadiumthe stadium where the last Superbowl took place.

This year will be very busy for the Mexican team Well, once you finish the qualifying games in March, in the summer you will have some friendly games, in addition to the first phase of the Concacaf Nations Leaguewhere he Tri is in Division A

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