Uncharted invades the island of Fortnite with new skins

The Uncharted movie opens today February 17th in theaters and Fortnite public a video Feb. 10 With the characters of the new installment that will arrive on the most chaotic island of Epic games, enjoy your favorite characters like Tom Hollad and characters from the original video game, let’s give you the trailer so you can see the impressive skins.

New Uncharted outfits arrive on the Fortnite island

What characters come in the package?

– Nathan Drake
-Chloe Frazer

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Both with the actors from the movie and the original video game, shoot your way to the most epic way with the new skins that come to Fortnite in addition to the following items:
-Chloe’s backpack

-Second hand saber pickaxe
-Parashurama Pickaxe
-Sully’s “new” seaplane glider
-Gesture Refresh Daily

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It is no longer surprising that every time a movie based on a video game or comic comes out, the company Epic Games include him in his most famous video game, but this continues to excite fans of each title since who would not want to port their favorite action hero in a video game.


The Uncharted video game is a title released by naughty dog in 2007, is an exclusive game for the PlayStation platform combining the best of the world of action, shooting and puzzles.

Enjoy the trailer of the film, in case you still don’t dare to see it, surely after this you will run to buy your tickets to enjoy this film based on a video game.

Uncharted: The Movie – Official Trailer | PlayStation Spain

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