‘I was denied a raise’; that’s why Enrique Bermúdez stopped narrating FIFA

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If you are a soccer fan, regardless of whether or not you like his way of narrating, it is inevitable that you will know some phrase or nickname of Enrique Bermudez de la Sernathe emblematic voice of Televisa and TUDN that has accompanied the most important games for decades, but not only that, it also made its way with a different audience, that of video games.

Between 2006 and 2012, Perro Bermúdez was the official voice of EA Sports FIFAusing phrases like “He threw the cake at a brother y era de milanesa” and “He broke a glass and the chew is expensive”, which allowed him to become known with other younger audiences in Mexico and in the rest of Latin America, all this accompanied by Ricardo Peláezwho for years was his colleague at Televisa Deportes.

What a great guy Ricardo Peláez is, with him I made the FIFA video game together for yearsthey were recording eight or nine hour days, I had to drink a can of honey daily to hold on (my throat), imagine everything we recorded,” recalled Bermúdez in a conversation for Toño de Valdés’ YouTube channel.

Why did Perro Bermúdez stop narrating FIFA?

According to famous televisa reporter and direct competitor of Christian Martinoli, two factors were key for him to leave the video game franchise. The first was the departure of Peláez, whom America recruited as manager; and the second obstacle was the EA’s refusal to increase your paybecause Bermúdez knew that they earned a lot of money from the sales of the game.

“They paid well, until I realized what those friends (EA) earned for the little game, millions and millions. I asked for a raise, we did not reach an agreement and I sent them to fly, that was it. A friend from there told me: ‘Nobody ever dared to refuse to narrate FIFA’ and I told him: ‘Well, I’m the first and it’s over’, that’s how it ended, “he said.

“In addition, Ricardo Peláez calls him America and he could not be with me. They wanted to put several commentators on me, I am a professional who works with anyone, but the pair with Ricardo was already very well done. There was no financial agreement or with the new couple to do itbut it was an incredible experience, it puts you in a world where they don’t know you as the kids are, you become public again. In Argentina they even shouted ‘Tirititito’ at me for FIFAis incredible”.

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