To the rhythm of Lila Downs, Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova ‘shows off’ in Beijing 2022 – El Financiero

A few days after the 2022 Beijing Olympics end this edition Mexico is still present, after the Russian figure skater alexandra trussova make everyone ‘vibrate’ with his participation in the ice rink with a soundtrack of the movie Frida.

trussovawho is a fan of Frida Kahloused the song Blue bedroom from Lila Downs for his routine in the winter olympics that take place in China. It should be noted that the young woman is one of the favorites to win a medal in these competitions.

The 17-year-old has conquered the hearts of many football fans figure skatingbecause his style on the dance floor, as well as his lightness, turns, slips and the way in which he interprets his pieces, have made Beijing 2022′shine’ with a star of your stature.

Although the girl did one of the best performances in that discipline by finishing fourth, the Russian Olympic Committee is in the sights of the Olympic authorities, after his partner kamil valieva tested positive for a prohibited substance World Anti-Doping Agency.

Alexandra Truzova used the melody used in the biography that the seventh art paid tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlowho was played by the Veracruz actress Salma Hayek.

The famous song appears, exactly, in the scene of a dance performed by Frida Kahlo when you are at a party. So that Truzova he could have sought to simulate the dance he has in front of the guests of that night and his beloved Diego Rivera.

The Beijing Olympics They will still have activity the rest of this week, until Sunday the 20th, where the Olympic flame will go out to reignite the passions of sport until 2026.

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