Mexican soccer players in Costa Rica, frozen due to lack of papers

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The football of Costa Rica was put in check last weekend after it was reported that at least half of the foreigners in the First division does not have his work permit in order, so they were frozen prior to Matchday 6 and this affects mexican soccer players.

It was the nation of Costa Rica which reported that at least 22 players aliens from 41 they do not have the papers in order to work in the country, which caused Migration and Foreign Affairs warned the First Clubs about the consequences of putting them to play last weekend.

The issue affects six players who are active in Tico soccer, such as Julio Barragan and Everardo Rubio, with Santos de Guápiles; Anthony Monreal, Jose Luis Calderon Y brian martinezwith Municipal Greece and Anthony Torres with AD Guanacasteca.

Everardo Rubio Y Julio Barragan they couldn’t play the Concachampions this Tuesday in the duel of Saints vs. New York City of the Round of 16 first leg. They already have an appointment Migration hoping to fix his situation, which affects his colleagues Javon East Y louis paradela.

In the case of Everardo Rubiowill be able to play the Vuelta in New Yorknow that it has United States visalike Javon Eastsince the regulation only affects it if the game is Costa Rican land.

Mexicans who are enabled

They are also Michael Basult, Miguel Franco Y Diego Gonzalez with Heredianbut all of them are enabled by having their work permit and played Day 6 against Sporting San José.

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