How did the Super Bowl fare in ratings compared to the last Liga MX Final?

Last Sunday took place the Super Bowl LVI Come in Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals capturing the attention of sports viewers on television.

However, despite the large number of fans that followed the triumph of the ramsIn Mexico, soccer continues to command, and by far, in the preferences of the audience.

The following example portrays this preference; Channel 5 and Channel 7 had great numbers in the past super sunday, between both chains they reached 6.66 rating. We will not add the pay TV numbers, because there each rating point is a number that is much lower than that of each open TV point, which are the vast majority of the country. Inegi data indicate that 71.5 million Mexicans use open TV, the rest a minority of 28.5 have pay TV.

The Final between Atlas and León had nearly double the rating of the last Super Bowl

The numbers that the Second Leg match of the Final yielded Atlas vs Lion, from last December 12. That night there were 6.71 rating points from TV Azteca, which added to the 4.86 from TUDN, give a cumulative score of 11.57. That is to say, the Final of the Liga MX, surpassed almost double the past superbowl on open TV, revealed Ignacio Suárez ‘El Fantasma’ in his column RECORD.

The numbers are there and they are cold and revealing. Another example is the Closing Final 2021, between Blue Crossa team with a much larger call, before Saints, which exceeded 28 rating points between both television stations; TUDN obtained 13.37 and Azteca 14.82 rating points.

The Cruz Azul championship exceeded 28 rating points

If these numbers are surprising, the analysis of what is happening with the audience of the Women’s League this is wonderful news. Not only are its numbers increasing, it is consolidating itself as a product that, due to its figures, is and will be inevitably more attractive to the market.


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