Televisa should not share El Tri with TV Azteca: Perro Bermúdez

The matches of the Mexican team are usually watched by thousands and thousands of viewersso counting on the transmission is a ‘privilege‘, same as a few years ago I only had televisionbut what now ‘sharewith TV Aztecasomething that the Perro Bermúdez disapproves completely.

When Tri plays viewers, based on ratings, they prefer to watch the game on TV Aztecaalong with Christian Martinoli and Luis García (who starred in a love novel), so Televisa has to find a way to compete and overcome them, something that annoys Perro Bermúdez.

Perro Bermúdez and the non-‘exclusivity’ of El Tri on Televisa

In an interview with Toño de Valdés, the Perro Bermúdez failed that televisa share transmissions of the Mexican team with his ‘awkward neighbor’, because previously each one already had their defined teams, in Liga MX and with the Tribut now that has changed, so the way of competing has changed.

I’m not at all agree in which Televisa gives them to the National Team. Because at that time the competition was that, they had their teams and we had ours and there was the pique. Now you have the same product then, where is the competition? Sure, they have their audience and we have ours, but I don’t agree,” said Perro Bermúdez.

Despite his words, he TUDN commentator commented that ‘not afraid of competition’, on the contrary, everyone does their job and he wins over his audience, emphasizing that they are co-workers and they are no longer ‘disloyal’ as in the past, so in that sense it improved beyond the numbers.

“That competence is good, before not because It was very aggressive, disloyal, they attack you, and it’s not over there. In the end we are co-workers, the difference is that when we grab the microphone they do their thing and we do ours“, he sentenced.

The Bermudez dog It’s one of the main characters of Televisa and who has been in charge of competing with Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia, generating one of the most interesting ‘piques’ in sports narration.

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