So Mati and Pato minimized Koke

Yesterday we experienced one of the most unexpected eliminations of the first season of Exathlon: All Star.

And it is that when it was announced that the guests would be the champions and finalists of each of the seasons, nobody imagined that one of the first to leave the competition would be Ernesto Cázares, winner of the first edition of


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The departure of Marysol due to family issues and that of Ernesto, have been a severe blow for all the members of the blue team, which has exposed the alleged strategy of Koke.

Koke’s strategy in Exatlón: All Star

The champion of the fifth season was one of the great revelations of exathlonbut everything seems to indicate that, when he goes out to face the most demanding circuits of Mexican television against the champions of past editions, he is putting it to the test.

And it is that during the last week he tried to pass fewer times, to have a low number of losses and take care of his percentage so as not to be at risk of going to an Elimination Duel.

This supposed situation was already noticed by the reds, so Mati Y Araujo Duck they sent a strong warning to the champion of the fifth season.

What struck me a lot yesterday in the zipline game, was that Koke only passed three times in three games. I feel that it is not the most viable or the best thing that he could do, it is not to raise his hand to play for his team

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I think he is taking care of his percentage, because this week it did not go well and he went down, he is no longer the leader in points. Koke this season I think he’s already hit a wall a bit, seeing the great red team we have. He loses a point and hides, I think it’s wrong, he’s going to play crooked and not only to him, but to the team…

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