Cruz Azul is still looking for a president after the departure of Álvaro Dávila

Cruz Azul would continue to search for a new executive president after the unexpected departure of Álvaro Dávila; Jaime Ordiales will not remain in office.

Cruz Azul welcomed Jaime Ordiales.
© imago7Cruz Azul welcomed Jaime Ordiales.

The hurricane that rocked The Ferris Wheel last week, with Untimely departure of Álvaro Dávila and his entire Cruz Azul teamit seems that it is not over yet, because at return of Jaime Ordiales to his position as manager, he was immediately joinedor the resignation of Juan Reynoso as technical director, which fortunately did not proceed, but a couple more movements would still be expected.

And it is that, despite the fact that everything seemed to indicate that Jaime Ordiales he would stay where he was Alvaro Davila within the organizational chart cement institutionalthough it was not officially given a position specifically, the reality would be different, since the position occupied by the experienced executive It would be temporary.

According to information from the ‘Sniper’ in his column in the newspaper Récord, Blue Cross would still be on the hunt for an executive chairman to replace Alvaro Davila, who controversially and unexpectedly left his post, despite the great management that signed during the little more than a year who was in charge of the sports decisions of the club.

Thus, Jaime Ordiales he would be only provisionally in charge of sports decisions in the cement team, because once again he would have an executive president above him to answer to, just as he did from January 2021 with the arrival of Álvaro Dávila and his work team.

“Of course, they tell me from the cement club that the ordinals again it is something transitory, that is to say, that still looking for president to help him, but this time someone who doesn’t take the spotlight from them,” the anonymous columnist published on Tuesday.

Jaime Ordiales was already presented in Liga MX

On the other hand, a photo that attracted attention on social networks was in which the brand new director of Machine, Jaime Ordialesnext to the president of the Board of Directors and Surveillance of the Cooperative, among other people, accompanied by the president of the MX Leaguewith which the high command of Mexican soccer would already be aware of what is happening in La Noria officially.

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