Yuri celebrates 45 years of career with physical and emotional health

sThe interpreter Yuri continues with new challenges in music, where she recognized that the eighties interpreters must sing with the new artists because that gives freshness; He confessed that he has already learned to heal many things from the past, such as his relationship with his mother. Now, he returns to music to celebrate 45 years of career with the release of the album celebrating a legend.

Recorded last July live from the Teatro Juárez, where Yuri did not sing her hits, but entered the fields of pop, salsa, ranchero, grupero, boleros, cumbia and sones jarochos accompanied by artists such as: Camila, Carín León, Carlos Rivera, Cristian Castro, Edith Márquez, Emmanuel, Mijares, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Cañaveral Group, Firme GroupLa Única Internacional Sonora Santanera, Los Ángeles Azules, Lucero, Marco Antonio Solís, María José and Pandora for

There are 19 songs that are already available on digital platforms and for physical sale.

“Grateful to God, to the record company, to Manuel Cuevas who was the inventor of all this, who was the one who told me that he wanted to pay me a tribute now that he was still young, because they always pay homage when they are very old or dead, that is not the samel. They are not my songs, but that gave me versatility, something different from Primera fila that came out almost five years ago. The album allowed me to grow as an interpreter in the genres of each of the guests, which was not easy at all,” said the singer from Veracruz.

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When will your bioseries be released?

When asking the 58-year-old artist what stage her bioseries that Televisa is preparing is at, she pointed out: “they have all the rights, it no longer depends on me, it depends on them. It’s ready, it’s already written, as it were, the scripts are ready. At the end of the year I got together with the writer to clean some little things and to add more, because I had already forgotten some when I told the whole story, which was very difficult because it meant opening the sewer. I am not going to talk about the people who were with me because it is very complicated, everyone gets angry, they do not want you to speak (of) their truths, then they sue you. So, it makes me very lazy. I’m going to focus on what I experienced with my mother, what I experienced with the people who treated her, who I loved and didn’t love, but I’m not interested in talking about people, not at all, not at all.”

“Gloria Trevi’s series is more on track and maybe the one that will continue will be mine, but it’s up to them (Televisa), and I’ve already done it for myself.”


Emotional revelations about his mother

Regarding her mother, the singer opened her heart to declare: “before my mother (Dulce Canseco) died, I told her about my intention to tell her story in a series.

I want to show people what we artists sometimes experience and that not everything is rosy. It took me a lot of work to get back together with my mom, if it weren’t for Christianity and God, no, I don’t think I would have buried my mom, but thank God I was able to bury her, we apologize and we get along very well Before she died, she was a wonderful mom. oops! I apologized a thousand times every day.”

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Yuri, in detail

  • Opening. During the recording of Celebrating a Legend, he met the new exponents of regional Mexican music, such as Firme Group and Carín de Léon: “I want to do more regional Mexican, which came with a very strong wave in the United States, very much on par with reggaeton. I’m not that bad at it and I like it a lot. I would love a woman, like Ana Bárbara, Chiquis Rivera… there aren’t many, that gap was left by Jenni Rivera and no one has filled it.”
  • Aftermath. Yuri confessed that he takes great care of himself and avoids places where there are many people: “due to the consequences (Covid) I cannot do many things yet. I’m coming out of dysautonomia, 90% is disappearing, I no longer have dizziness, anxieties or body pain, the Covid does decrease.
  • Tour. Begins preparations for his Euforia tour: “It’s the last show where I’m going to really dance like the fans want. I’m going to throw at least three songs from top to bottom like in the Yuri-Madonna era because it’s a promise for my fans”.
Tour in Mexico

Euforia Tour will start on May 27 at the Monterrey Arena and on June 2 at the CDMX Arena; Guadalajara would be between October and November.

Along with his tour he has several proposals to do reality shows in Chile, Mexico and the United States.


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