‘Finish primary school’; García hooks up with a fan after making fun of TV Azteca

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Luis Garcia is characterized by being a fun and relaxed characterbut also has a strong character, more if they attack him. Recently hooked up with a fan in social networks that he mocked of the transmission of Aztec TV for him Superbowl, where the Doctor was direct and recommended him to ‘finish elementary school’.

The Doctor Garcia and Christian Martinoli they trolled each other in networks for the Super Bowl, all in good vibes, but with this fan he had no mercysince due to a misspelling, in addition to throwing a dart at your company, he smashed it in a couple of lines.

Why did Doctor Garcia get hot?

The commentator from TV Azteca uploaded a photo to his Instagram where he shows that watched Super Bowl LVI in the transfer of your company; Enrique GarayJoaquin CastleEduardo Castillo, Andrea Sola, Ines Sainz and other characters were the ones who covered the event.

The SBLVI with the best, damn it! I love them!“, was the description that García placed on his photo.

among all the comments that he obtained, a fan told him “don’t lie to get along”, with a obvious misspelling and implying that the TV Azteca signal was not the best, so the Doctor answered him in a subtle but lethal way and ‘put him down’.

It is written coexist. Let’s finish the primary and then we debate. Greetings”, wrote the ex-footballer, generating laughter and more comments against the fan who criticized him, because they know that ‘I am worse off for being funny’.

Nevertheless, Luis Garcia he was watch out for Super Bowl LVI and saw the Rams crowned after a cardiac duel. In the same way, he remembers the day he looked for a photo with Tom Brady but they ended up hitting him.

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