Drake does not collect bet due to injury to Odell Beckham Jr.

Drake fell short after the injury of his friend Odell Beckham Jr., who could no longer serve the yard line

canadian rapper Drake suffered in the bets he made for Super Bowl LVIAnd it is that with the knee injury of Odell Beckham Jr. minutes before the end of the second quarter, the interpreter could not collect a sum that promised to lead him to earn 1.5 million dollars in the first instance.

Drake placed three bets on the big game, and on two of them he put his faith in OBJ, who didn’t let him down in the opening minutes. And it is that after betting in Bitcoin, the Canadian rapper bet about 393 thousand dollars that the receiver made a touchdown or more and received more than 62.5 yards.

As soon as 10 minutes passed, the Canadian collected the first with the touchdown that Beckham Jr. he did on the Rams’ first drive, and Stafford looked for him in the end zone for his first 17 yards of the game.

Then, on third-and-11 in the second quarter, Stafford threw for 35 more yards to Drake’s favorite receiver, for 52 yards. With just 13 yards to go, it looked like Beckham Jr. would get to his friend’s line just fine, but everything changed minutes before halftime.

On an inward path, ‘OBJ’ injured his knee while running. He immediately fell to the grass and the clock stopped because he had to enter the medical staff of the Rams. The receiver was taken to the locker room to be evaluated and the team listed him as “questionable” at first.

After a few minutes in the third period, the Rams finally announced their exit for the rest of the game, so he couldn’t help Drake cash in the yardage bet when he was 13 shy of 62.5 on the line.

With these two bets, Drake was able to win $1.5 million, but only $711,000 for the opening score of ‘OBJ’. Now, he’s just waiting for Super Bowl LXI to end to see if he’ll cash in on his third bet, which went straight to winning for the Rams. On that ticket he put in $471,000 to win $711,000.

On his Instagram account, Drake shared the betting slips and wrote, “All bets are in the family.” Beckham appeared in the video for Drake’s 2020 hit “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

“I have to do it for him,” Beckham repeated for the week, “but ultimately, brother, I just want to hold that trophy, look your brothers in the eye and say, ‘Man, we did it.’ And just feel that joy.” … Honestly, I feel like, if I play my game, catch everything that comes my way, make the plays, stay focused, one play at a time, all of those things, it’s very possible.”

Similarly, Beckham Jr., even if he is out of the game, is waiting to win a bonus of one million dollars, and that is that he will receive 500 thousand dollars if the Rams lose the Super Bowl and one million if they win. The payment was contingent on Beckham participating in at least one offensive play.

Notably, according to ESPN Stats&Info data, “Odell Beckham Jr. to Score First Touchdown” was the fifth most popular bet in terms of tickets at Caesars Sportsbook. He closed at +800 for scoring the game’s first touchdown and +118 for anytime scoring.

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