An effective and simple cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis

Today, thanks to regenerative medicinethere is an effective and simple cell therapy for the knee osteoarthritis that allows to alleviate the pain and stop the deterioration of the joint without surgery or hospitalization. These treatments are applied in clinic CRES Valenciaa pioneering center and expert in the implementation of these new techniques with excellent results and a very high satisfaction of their patients. You can make an appointment for first consultation on 963 51 61 99 or through your Web page.

The doctor Carlos Jarabomedical director of Clínicas Cres and professional expert in joint regenerative medicineexplains that these treatments use “very safe and effective techniques” of regenerative medicine that “they do not have adverse side effects and cannot cause rejectionsince it is the patient’s own biological material”.

excellent results

Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, which shortens recovery time compared to other more conventional techniques, and its effects are very positive. “In most cases the pain disappears Y is achieved stop cartilage degenerationbeing able in many cases to regenerate it completely if the disease is not very advanced”, explains Dr. Jarabo.

Dr. Jarabo is the medical director of Clínicas Cres, a center specializing in regenerative medicine treatments. DE

“In cases where the disease is already very advanced, it is also possible to significantly improve the patient’s quality of lifeespecially treating the chronic pain they suffer,” he adds.

a reference center

The early diagnostic It is essential to achieve good results with the treatment. In addition, “it is very important that these treatments are carried out by medical professionals who are experts in regenerative medicine”, warns the medical director of CRES Clinics.

Precisely, Clínicas Cres is a network of clinics throughout Spain pioneers and their medical experts in the application of regenerative medicine techniques to the field of traumatology and of the sports injuries, with a wide portfolio of treatments available. They have years of experience and highly qualified professionals in the implementation of new therapies.

What is knee osteoarthritis?

The knee is one of the joints that suffers the most wear throughout life, since it supports the entire weight of our body. The osteoarthritis knee is a degenerative illness characterized by the progressive wear of the cartilage that covers the joint.

Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that mainly causes pain and other symptoms. DE

Although it is more common in older people (from the age of 50) and in women than in men, it can also arise in young peopleassociated with previous injuries. Other factors that can trigger are obesityoverweight or genetic issuessince there are people more prone than others to suffer from this disease.

What are your symptoms?

Normally knee osteoarthritis progresses slowly and its main symptom is pain. At first this pain is mild and usually yield to restbut as the disease progresses, the pain increases and is accompanied by other discomforts such as stiffness, swelling, or difficulty walking, being physically active, or performing certain movements, clicking sensation when flexing or swelling.

The same technique is successfully applied to other joints, such as the shoulder, elbow, or hip. DE

If it’s a moderate osteoarthritis, the discomfort may appear only when starting the movement of the joint in the external, internal, anterior area or throughout the knee, depending on the affected area. In the most serious cases, osteoarthritis becomes a disabling disease, which even forces the patient to rest for long periods, preventing normal daily activity.

Shoulder or hip application

Although at Clínica CRES the most treated joint is the knee, treatment with regenerative medicine is also applied to other joints such as the shoulder, hip, elbow, or base of the thumb (rhizarthrosis), as well as in muscle and tendon injurieswith great success.

“We are achieving very positive and hopeful results in most of the cases we treat, achieving reduce or eliminate pain, reverse inflammation, and restore joint functionality”, affirms Dr. Carlos Jarabo.

The Clinic CRES Valencia It is located at Calle Cirilo Amorós, 34. You can request an appointment at the 963 51 61 99.

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