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After a historic participation in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympicsthe figure skater Donovan Carrillo could suffer a considerable reduction of the scholarship granted by the National Sports Commission (conade) due to new statutes by which the body is governed.

In early 2022, the conade unveiled in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) the new guidelines for scholarships awarded to high-performance athletes after the disappearance of the trust for athletes (Fodepar); the amount will depend on the performance of the athletes during the international competitions (in this case, the 2022 Winter Olympics).

Carrillo obtained the 22nd place in the Olympic joustso according to the adjusted tabulators, it would have a approximate 80 percent reduction in the pension received by the Conade: of 30 thousand pesos that he received since 2019, now it would only reach six thousand pesosdespite being the first Mexican in 30 years to reach the Olympic Games and have a place in the final.

However, not all would be lost, since the Rules of Operation of the Physical Culture and Sports Program for fiscal year 2022 they have a clause that mentions that athletes who have some historical record and/or are considered a promise for their sport, would be exempt from the above.

“In the event that an athlete has ceased to meet the criteria established in this Annex and only in exceptional cases, by means of a Technical Opinion founded and motivated by the SCD, in the sense that they still have wide expectations of development and with possibilities of obtain outstanding international results, for his sports career and for having obtained significant historical records in the elementary competitions of the Paralympic cycle, the SCD may authorize his permanence in the list of beneficiaries”, reads the document that entered into force on January 1 .

The current tabulation of economic sports scholarships for High Performance athletes contemplates only those athletes who obtain one of the first 16 places in the Olympic event they perform; These range from nine thousand pesos for 16th place, to 55 thousand pesos for that athlete who gets first place.

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