Ask for help! Puebla looks for the boy who cried after a draw against Atlas

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The start of the Day 5 in Liga MX It was not only marked by a vibrant draw between Puebla and Atlas, which was defined thanks to a Chilean, but in the stands a boy stole the attention of the publicwell broke down crying when The Strip equaled marker; the club is already looking for him.

in many duelsnot only from Mexico, the clubs looking for their fans to give you some gift after actions like this, well it shows that they truly feel the colors of the club and they want to reward them. Puebla has already started a ‘campaign’ to search for the boy who cried after the tie.

Puebla’s message on social networks

Through your account Twitter, Puebla posted a post where they ask help your followers for find the little one who came to tears at the tie, where it is not mentioned exactly why they want to find it but it is presumed that they will invite you to meet the players.


Dozens of comments began to fill post applauding the action of Puebla and some giving indications of his whereabouts, hoping that they will find the little one and that upload images of what was the ‘prize’ you were givenreiterating that they have not confirmed anything.

The user @ronanzhavi was the one who gave accurate information, well shared a video of the child’s father at the moment in which the goal of La Franja falls and not only that, but even passed his facebook address for them to contact you.

still waiting to know if you were lucky locating this child and what will happen next.

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