The boy who cried with Puebla’s draw moves and excites Larcamón

Mexico City /

the goal of Guillermo Martínez that meant the 1-1 between Puebla and Atlas not only did he leave the spectacular image of the striker rising between the rival defenders to connect as a bicycle kick, but also that of a little boy who cried with emotion in the stands seeing his team recover.

questioned about it, Nicholas Larcamonstrategist of the Strip, highlighted that his team is capable of generating that type of feelings among a hobby that until a couple of years ago he had marked his distance because of the losing record that he dragged.

“I feel that is one of the biggest prizes a team can have, not even a coach or a player; It is the greatest intangible reward that a team that makes an effort, that works and that excites an entire city can have. The truth is extremely gratifying, for the team it is very pleasing. We work for prestige, for every day to have greater challenges, but that is part of a prize that is not easily found, “she said at a press conference.

He also mentioned that Martínez’s annotation confirms that his squad is firm in the idea that there will always be one more playa reflection of what they have shown since he arrived and where they haven’t given up a game for lost before time.

In addition, the helmsman of the Strip especially highlighted the first partin which, if they had taken advantage of their performance, they would have put the champion team against the wall.

The truth is that the balance is very positive, the team’s production leaves us with very good sensations. If we had capitalized on transitions in the first half it would have been perfect. The boys’ game was spectacular, too bad we didn’t capitalize. You have to hurt these teams when you can” she pointed out.

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