Hernán Cristante was going to move to Europe when Querétaro hired him

Hernán Cristante had in his mind to move to Europe with his family to complete his UEFA Pro studiesbut all plans were left on stand band when he was contacted by the Querétaro board to take charge of the team.

In his presentation as DT of the Gallos Blancos, the Argentine He accepted that he had moved away from the field a bit to continue with the preparationbut is now ready to debut this weekend with Queretaro.

“The first message I had was with Aarón (Padilla) he had left football, my idea route was to cross the pond, go with my family, start finish what was the UEFA coursethat was my goal in life and things change from week to week, the call came”, he confessed.

“We had a meeting in which I told them that if they had doubts about taking out the DT, I don’t like to come and cut off someone’s headI communicated with Adolfo (Ríos) and with Gabriel, that’s why I traveled to Cancun to know everything.

Cristante takes the place she left the Uruguayan, Leonardo Ramosthe team has not won and prepares to debut on Monday against Pachuca.

“what yes I was struck by the excellent communication there is here and that speaks of a well-organized structure and it enables me to work calmly”, he added.

At the presentation was the team president, Adolfo Rios and the sports director, Aaron Padilla.

I wouldn’t be here if the situation wasn’t complexis reality, and as you just said, we all have a line that is very clear: return to the basics, perhaps identity was lost, we must rescue those who did well and polish that sense, the idea is to stabilize the team upwards and catapult it to the places that correspond to it”, he commented.

“And responding to people who are supportive and involved and I am honored to be with you and to be able to participateI know it’s not easy, but it excites and motivates, it doesn’t limit.

Cristante already had his first contacts with the squadand it was a friendly against New York.

“I arrived there and I met them, the first formal training was todayI get the feeling that it is a team that can develop more game, they are inhibitedthey are afraid of being wrong and the team has to develop that, a team that speaks little, a team must have a life of its own and that is what has to be fixed, we are very tied to error and the motivational part should be the starting part“, advancement.

For its part, Adolfo Ríos spoke about the injured elements What Jonathan dos Santos, with torn ligaments and assured that they could go for someone else.

“Studies have to be done today for both Jonathan and Balanta, yes there are delicate situations in what they have, there’s a possibility to open a window to bring a playeryou have to talk to Hernán, also with the owners, because it’s not just about deciding, you have to put the economic issue in the middle,” Ríos advanced.

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