Chivas defender, Antonio ‘Pollo’ Briseño, sends videos with greetings to help a Foundation that helps children


The rojiblanco defender joined a platform to send greetings to his followers and the money goes to a charitable cause

Antonio Briseño jumps during a warm-up with Chivas (IMAGO 7)
Antonio Briseño jumps during a warm-up with Chivas (IMAGO 7)

Antonio Briseño wants to make a difference on and off the pitch. The Chivas defender sells his greetings on a platform used by various personalities to raise funds for an organization that brings sports to low-income children.

El ‘Pollo’ has put some personalized videos up for sale for people who want them, where charge 1085 pesosmoney that goes directly to the Champions with a Cause Foundation, which is made up of several soccer players.

“If you are they want a video, a congratulations or even my own shirt signed by me, you can find it here. Best of all, they will be directly helping my foundation called ‘Champions with a cause’. Do not think about it any more friends, go, hit him and get his regards, his shirt or his congratulations”, details the rojiblanco defender.

Briseño is not the only athlete on the Celebrity platform, since there are various disciplines and there is even Ángel Zaldívar, who charges for his videos for just over 400 pesos.

When does Chivas play?

Guadalajara will return to activity this Saturday when they face Tigres at the Akron Stadium at 5:00 p.m., where the winner of said confrontation could jump to the first four places in the general table.

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