SHCP shines, does not charge IEPS for Magna gasoline this week

Like every Friday, it has been published in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) the decree of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) with the stimuli tax to gasoline in Mexico adjusted for the week of next February 12 to Friday 18.

In that period, starting this Saturday and until the new quotas are published again next week, these supports will be handled for the motorists improving the price of fuels By reducing the proportion of Special tax on production and services (IEPS) both in great gasoline, Premium and until the diesel.

Magna Gasoline. The fuel characterized by having less than 91 octane will receive a 100% tax incentive for this period, which means that the 5.4917 pesos of applicable tax will be covered by the Treasury.

IEPS charges are made per liter purchased, and in the case of “green gasoline” as a consumer you must cover the amount of free energy assessment for this week, when the previous decree, in force until today, indicated a charge of 0.3698 pesos per liter.

Premium Gasoline. This hydrocarbon with an octane rating of 91 handles this period with a stimulus of 83.49% compared to 71.51% last week, with which the SHCP will be helping you with 3.8719 pesos for each liter you load, and you will have to cover the remaining 0.7656 pesos , when previously they charged you 1.3210 pesosthat is, 55 cents less.

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Diesel. If you drive a vehicle that works with this petroleum derivative then you will also enjoy the discounts in the IEPS collection that is made in this energy, leaving as of this Saturday a support of 89.64% compared to the previous 81.01%; for what you will pay 0.6253 pesos of tax for each liter and the Treasury will take care of the remaining 5.4101 pesos.

The tax on which the Treasury makes these discounts, the Special Tax on Production and Services, is a tax that is applied on the sale of soft drinks, tobacco products such as cigarettes and also on fuels.

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The intention of the SHCP behind this reduced tax is to positively impact the economy of the mexican families by lowering the fee charged and thereby influencing the price level in favor of motorists.

But it must be borne in mind that, even if taxes are reduced, it will be each distributor that establishes fuel prices at gas stations, that the consumer will end up paying

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