Rayados arrives in silence and fans ‘attacks’ them screaming and blanket

Monterey, NL /

Behind the failure that suffered Striped in the Club World Cupfinishing only in fifth place in the contest, the royal team returned to Monterrey during the early hours of this Fridaywhere only one fan meets at the airport terminal.

Unlike when the team flew to Arab Emiratesthis time the air terminal looked without followers, that time there had been more than a thousand people and now only one came when it was close to two in the morning.

And they were not necessary more, because one only made the arrival of the team uncomfortable, because he attacked them with shouts; even, an element of the police tried to silence him and was unable to do so.

Technician J.avier aguirre and players arrived crestfallen and silent, and the president Duilio Davino He refused to speak, but assured that he would do so the following day or in the next few hours.

All of them paraded through a corridor that several security elements built so that they would not be physically besieged by the press; there was a lot of security, perhaps believing that there would be a large number of followers waiting for them.

The fan arrived with a blanket

The albiazul follower by name Martinpointed to Aguirre as the culprit of the failure, so he also shouted at Rudolph Pizarro strong claims; while Maxi Meza and Cesar Montes They were the players who were saved from the severe criticism of this fan who brought with him a blanket with the legend “A lot of staff, little technical $$$.”

“Get out, Aguirre, get out; present your resignation, you’re going to get out, get out… Maxi, you’re the only one… Let them throw balls at you like you, César, you all fucking assholes… Aguirre, go away if you can’t… Get on with it to pull, Pizarro, what did you come for? You didn’t play anything there, what did you come for?”, were some of the words of the fan.

Later, the moment rose in tone when the element of the police came to want to placate the screams of the fan.

“Don’t touch me, I’m not doing anything, I’m alone… I’m not attacking anyone, I’m not going to do what you say,” Martin replied to the security guard, since he told him that he couldn’t go around screaming.

Finally, Martín spoke to the press to express what he felt, while the team bus continued outside the terminal, as they waited for Rogelio Funes Moriwho was the last to get into the vehicle.

“People make a sacrifice to go to the stadium, those who went to the Emirates, and they don’t do anything, walking on the field, how are you going to do that in another country, how do you leave the name of Mexico… Aguirre has to go now, then you add the statements. They have left five times, and the mediocre coach says that it is not the worst result… they had to go to the final at least, “he said.

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