‘Pónganle hue…’, request of Ochoa and Henry – Ruben Rodriguez


The bad start of the tournament for the America neither the squad nor the coaching staff are happy, much less the board at all levels, in addition to the fact that in the last visit of the owner of the team they were clearly asked to be a different team, to seek the title from at all costs, and today this same team, which committed itself, does the opposite. The staff does not hesitate to leave Solari the entire tournament and evaluate the results and the investment made, as long as the team gains strength and responds, hence the concern of the strategist who knows he needs a good run and react to work calmly, otherwise the pressure will be greater. The truth is that there is no name on the table to replace it, so they hope that the results will arrive soon.

Meanwhile, the leaders of this team raised their hands, especially Guillermo Ochoa and Henry Martín, who after the last defeat and with a cooler head, requested a meeting with the entire squad to talk things over and finish with details that do not leave make the team work, and then make them forget the bad drink and start putting it in. “It’s time to lay eggs and stop fucking, America is to be up and be Champion”, so clear and forceful the message of the captains to the group in general, for which they are willing to add nine points the following week to as of place for the pending game, and thus return as soon as possible to the first places.


Without a doubt, Cruz Azul became one of the payrolls, if not the most important, of Mexican football. With eight additions and some departures, they have given their team freshness, bench depth and a leading and well-balanced team. In Blue Cross Eight million dollars were received this year: six of them for the sale of Jonathan Rodríguez and two more for the arrangement between Boca Juniors and La Maquina for Pol Fernández.

With these eight million dollars, a few extra in the piggy bank, and an intelligence department recently created by Álvaro Dávila and Héctor Lara based on the statistics, numbers and results of their players, they managed to hire eight soccer players as follows: Cristian Tabó del Puebla in exchange for three million greenbacks and a three-year contract, Uriel Antuna in exchange for 50 percent of the letter for Alvarado and a four-year contract.

On loan for one year Mayorga from Chivas. Erik Lira of Pumas four million dollars for 80 percent of the letter, the rest belongs to UNAM, and a four-year contract.

Carlos Rodríguez, from Monterrey, four years in exchange for Romo and 2.3 million dollars.

Luis Abram on loan for one year. with an option to buy in exchange for half a million dollars and a one-year contract.

Iván Morales for two million greens for 80 percent of the letter and a four-year contract, and the icing on the cake is Romero, who arrives free and has been given a one-year contract with an option for another.

With an expense of almost 12 million dollars and a net income of eight and an expense of four, Cruz Azul achieved a competitive squad with eight good soccer players, an average age of 26 years that will help him fight for the title and easily put him as one of the two best squads in Mexican soccer, above America and fighting face to face with Tigres and Rayados.

But, without a doubt, the greatest merit in these signings was the patience and facing teams like Boca Juniors, who always seek to take advantage of their history and renown in some players, and above all, being able to give their coach a new backbone after the departure of three of its main pillars in obtaining the title: Rodríguez, Romo and Pineda. All this with the background that with Orbelín not a single penny was entered and about six or seven million dollars were spent at the time, and the million that were saved for Romo’s representative for getting the player to sign his renewal with Blue Cross.


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