Ludwika Paleta reveals her secret to lose weight fast after 40

Ludwika Paleta has turned on social networks and for several months she has shared her disciplined exercise routines in which she practices boxing, pilates or cardio, however, she recently revealed that there is a sport that is one of her favorites to move her body.

If you want to resume good fitness habits, get inspired by an exercise that the protagonist of ‘Mother there are only two’ usually does, the best thing is that in addition to helping you lose weight, it will also benefit your health in many aspects.

Ludwika Paleta reveals what exercise she practices to have an impact body

Through her Instagram account, the celeb published a photograph in which she was shown swimming, in the image she looks very relaxed and happy, so we suspect that it is a practice she enjoys. It is not the first time that the famous woman has shown herself doing this sport because she is used to integrating it into her lifestyle.

Photo: IG/ Ludwika Palette

What benefits does swimming have for health?

Swimming is one of the favorite practices since it is considered one of the most complete exercises by stimulating blood circulation, relaxing the mind, strengthening the muscles, as well as helping to control breathing. It also increases the flexibility of the body or joints and motivates mental health.

We love that the celebrity shares her good habits with her followers because she motivates them to move their bodies and seek comprehensive health. So now you know, if you want to have an impact body, don’t forget to swim at least three times a week. You, did you know swimming had so many benefits?

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