They take away his two cats from Kurt Zouma for beating them and he is sanctioned with two weeks without pay

After the video went viral, more than 150,000 people have signed a petition on the platform, calling for Zouma to be prosecuted for this mistreatment.

The British organization for the protection of animals RSPCA announced this Wednesday that has taken away his two cats from French footballer Kurt Zouma, French central defender for English club West Ham United, for kicking and slapping them.

The player was the center of criticism after a video was released in which he was seen mistreating animalsan action that has earned him the rejection of much of the English football mass.

In a statement, the RSPCA He pointed out that he took action when he became aware of some “very annoying” images and that he will open an investigation while cooperating with the Police on the case.

“The two cats are now in the care of the RSPCA. Our priority is and has always been the welfare of these cats. They have been withdrawn for a vet review and will then remain in our care while the investigation continues.” said a spokesman for the organization.

After the video went viral, more than 150,000 people have signed a petition on the platform, promoted by the group against animal violence Anti Animal Abuse, to ask that Zouma be prosecuted for this abuse.

Not even the fans of the West Ham support their player, one of the most expensive in their history, since they paid him 30 million pounds Chelsea last summer for transfer.

“It is never acceptable to kick, hit or slap an animal. We condemn his actions. Zouma should remember that many West Ham fans have pets, including cats.” said the official animation group of the West Ham it’s a statement.

The incident of Zouma It could also cost the London team dearly and it is because one of its sponsors, the tourist office of the American city Kissimmee, stressed that they are going to review their agreement with the West Ham after having seen the video and the treatment that the club has given him.

Two weeks without pay

In addition, the footballer has been sanctioned by his club, the West Ham UnitedcTwo weeks without pay -250,000 pounds (about 300,000 euros) for assaulting their pets.

The West Ham Unitedwhich reported that it would investigate the case internally, has taken action on the matter and has sanctioned the player with two weeks without salary, 250,000 pounds, an amount that will be donated to charitable organizations in favor of animals.

Despite the controversy, Zouma was a starter in Tuesday’s match against Watfordin which he was whistled by the fans of both teams and had to listen to chants condemning his actions against the cats.

Zouma will continue to be under the orders of the coach David Moses, who claimed to be very disappointed with the Frenchman, and will not be removed from the team.

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