Meet Hadrian, the ‘Emperor’

A fan from Brazil, Lukaku was Chelsea’s hope against Al Hilal, in a duel for the semi-finals of the Club World Cup

This Wednesday, Chelsea debuted with victory in the FIFA Club World Cup. The Blues faced Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia in search of a bye to the final against palm treeswho beat the Al-Ahly in the other semifinal.

To validate the predictions in Abu Dhabi, the English team had Romelu Lukakuwho started and made the difference for those in London.

Born in Belgium, Lukaku he is a “citizen of the world”. The attacker speaks several languages ​​and has great knowledge about the general culture of various countries, including Brazil.

According to one of his best friends, the striker is passionate about various aspects of Tupiniquim culture, in addition to “Brazilian” cuisine.

That counts the midfielder kanuwho went through the youth categories of the Palmeiras and São Paulobut he did almost his entire professional career in Europe, being multi-champion in Belgium together with Lukaku in Anderlechtthe most important club in the country.

In an interview with ESPN.comthe now Rupel-Boom player recalled his long friendship with Romelu and revealed that he was responsible for the Belgian falling in love with Brazil.

“I have a lot of ‘guilt’ for that passion he has for Brazil, because I used to make a lot of pagode and barbecue at home,” Kanu joked.

“Our team had a lot of Africans and we always got together, because they are very similar to Brazilians, they like the same food. I made beans, picanha and called them all. We talked a lot, listened to music and played video games, because we all lived in the same condo,” he recalled.

“Lukaku was always there, he would ask for rice, beans, moqueca and fell in love (laughs). I even taught him to dance samba. It was very funny to see him trying to dance.

“Then he went to Chelsea and spent a lot of time with the Brazilians at the club, there he learned to speak Portuguese well. He started learning with me, he always asked me a lot of questions. He is very interested in learning languages, if he spends three months in Brazil , will come back speaking better than us,” he said.

The Brazilian liked to scare his teammates during meetings at his house.

“There was one time I was having a barbecue in the backyard and I heard a really big noise coming from my bedroom. I went to see what it was to investigate. They were all playing video games and making a huge mess! I started banging on the floor already screaming like crazy: ‘Everyone get out of my house! (laughs)’. The boys thought it was serious and they all ran away in fear, it was very funny. At the door and I started laughing. : ‘Calm down, scaredy, It’s just a joke’, he remembered.

kanu he was also “guilty” for introducing Lukaku to one of his biggest “addictions”: guarana soda.

“There was a really good Brazilian restaurant in Belgium that I took Lukaku to to show him things. When I got there, I introduced him to Guarana and Lukaku fell in love. After that, he said he just wanted to know about Guarana and Picanha from Brazil.” He said.

‘I am famous’

Lukaku He was in Brazil with the Belgium team in the 2014 World Cup and fell even more in love with the country.

According kanuthe striker of Chelsea He has been “planning” a vacation trip to South America for a few years, which has generated a curious dialogue.

“When I was playing in Saudi Arabia, we talked one day and he told me: ‘I’m looking to go on vacation to Brazil, but I’m a little scared, for security reasons. Would it be good if I brought a private security guard? I want to see Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina'”, Indian.

“So I joked, ‘Brother, if you go, just put on a hat and no one will recognize you.’ him and told him that he was only famous in Europe, not yet in Brazil,” he remembered.

Kanu also said that Lukaku’s big dream is to meet his biggest soccer idol: former striker Adriano, The “Emperor”.

“He told me, ‘Kanu, I’m a big fan of Adriano. I wanted to meet him in person.’ I told him to send Adriano a message on Instagram. Lukaku didn’t want to, but I convinced him, and told him I’d get back to him right away! And that’s what happened! After that, they started talking and Lukaku told Adriano that he’s always been a fan of his, ever since he was at Anderlecht.” he remembered.

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