What is the future of Vasco and Rayados? ESPN experts analyze it

The defeat of Rayados in the Club World Cup gave rise to several comments and the analysts gave their opinion on the matter

After removal of Scratches on the Club World Cup At the hands of Al-Ahly from Egypt, the coach of Monterrey, Javier Aguirre, has experienced difficult moments, after his team arrived as a favorite in the ‘Mundialito’, due to the important investment received by the Monterrey team and ended up joining the list of Mexican teams that were eliminated in the first round.

Given the frustration that exists in the Monterrey environment due to the lack of results, a sector of the fans presented protests both in the United Arab Emirates by blocking the team bus and in Mexico by placing protest blankets for the board and Javier Aguirre.

Against this background in ESPNDigital we present the opinions of the talents of ESPN in the face of the complicated situation that Javier Aguirre is experiencing.

Jose Ramon Fernandez

“For my taste, Javier Aguirre is an old-fashioned technician. He is a coach who knows how to defend himself very well and who plans his matches to defend, because that is how he played for a long time in Spain with small teams.

But directing a more or less large team in Mexican soccer, it is difficult for him to do it, it is difficult for Monterrey to win games and the title of the Liga MX. How to remove the failure of the Club World Cup? Winning the next league. That easy. Javier Aguirre has no other choice, but the owners will put him on his feet in the street, ”argued José Ramón Fernández in his column in ESPNDigital. Roberto Gomez Junco

He has not been able, it is evident, he has not made the team work and his capacity as a coach is beyond any doubt, but nobody guarantees that you will do well with each club you manage, but he has not found a way for this one , it is not that he only plays badly and has inflated players for a long timebut it is up to a coach to get the best out of a footballer, whose facet as an empirical psychologist has traditionally been very good and that commitment and conviction of the players is not seen either, the collective tools and a clear idea of ​​the game are not seen ”, he pointed out in Picante Soccer.

Hugo Sanchez

You have to let this unpleasant moment pass that you don’t like, but it was a step back that was given in an illusion that was held in Monterrey to go to the next phase” “That is not valid, we must not accept it or give publicity to this type of situation, it is football, it is a matter of dignity, pride, effort and struggle, it must be taken as such, there is disappointment, Javier is experiencing moments difficult and there will be no choice but to convince them in the next game so that half of them forget, and that is going to be very difficult because the illusion that was in this World Cup was very strong, ”he stated in the SportsCenter spaces.

David Fatelson

The problem here is that the Rayados board has invested a lot of money, it is the most expensive squad in the history of Mexican soccer, it has two or three players per position, this Monterrey team has plenty and Aguirre can’t handle the package, I think the healthiest thing would be for Javier to arrive and mention that he can’t take it anymore and that they look for another remedy, I step aside, I withdraw, I’ve tried on all sides. I think that Javier Aguirre has to understand that everything has a limit and this came with the Rayados team, “he highlighted on the program Spicy Soccer.

Mauricio Ymay

“I understand the stumble, I understand that Javier has not delivered all the results that everyone was waiting for with what I understand is the best squad and the best investment in Mexican soccer, but he will have some justification with the number of soccer players that came to him about the time due to commitments of the FIFA date ”, he pointed out through SportsCenter.

Hernan Pereyra

He doesn’t have to give up, he believes in his convictions and in his idea, he knows that he has the footballing and emotional arguments to get the team out of Monterrey, he has a squad, experience ‘Vasco’ has today we are talking about a championship that goes five dateshe can perfectly win the title, he has to improve, there is no doubt, ”emphasized Hernán Pereyra through Fútbol Picante.

Dionicio Estrada

“Monterrey has the most expensive squad in Mexican soccer, 85 million euros, and has a selected player in each position. As much as today Javier Aguirre says that he wants with his coaching staff to have a long-term project with Monterrey and apparently there is support, but if he does not remain champion he will leave, it is most likely that he will not remain champion”, he emphasized in the spaces of SportsCenter.

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