The veto of promoters to America that has ruined the signings

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In crisis without winning at the start of Clausura 2022 and with a conspiracy to deny them footballers. What information arises regarding the America clubsince it was revealed that a group of powerful promoters have banned the Eagles in all attempts transfers directly from South AmericaThis as a supposed retaliation against Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The journalist Rafael Ramos, who works for ESPNrevealed in said chain that the representatives Carlos Hurtado, Guillermo Lara, Christian Bragarnik and Greg Taylor have come together to boycott any operation from the Southern Cone that has Coapa as its destination, since De Luisa publicly pointed out that guild as a “problem” and they are frowned upon by the leader.

Brian Ocampo, Pablo Solari and Joaquin Montecinos are three examples of players wanted by America in the past winter market that, for one reason or another, they did not materialize. And it is that according to the aforementioned communicator, all these failures are due to the pact of the promoters against the Eagles, whose last signing directly from South America was the Uruguayan center-back Sebastián Cáceres in January 2020.

“Do you remember that Yon de Luisa put together a campaign public and one private against the representatives of soccer players? It turns out that between Taylor, Bragarnik, Lara and Hurtado they have organized a kind of boycott against America,” said the journalist.

No player from South America will arrive directly to America, all the attempts made by the Eagles to bring players are vetoed, nothing will be done. You see that Montecinos better came to Xolos and not to the America that looked for him, it is a perverse and dirty pact between these four characters. That’s why they ended up going for Juan Otero de Santos and begging for players in Spain because nothing will come to America from South America courtesy of Bragarnik, Taylor, Hurtado and Lara.”

America confirms veto, but for ‘not paying crooked’

As we did not want to be left with the doubt, we consulted with a club america font on this controversial topic and was confirmedhowever, cite that the main reason for this blockage in transfers is due to the fact that the Eagles refuse to pay “crooked money” which is required by the aforementioned representatives.

They don’t sell us because we don’t want to pay crooked commissionsas a company we cannot pay for those crooked things because of the financial locks we have and it seems that for them it is an affront. Yes, the song starts with De Luisabut that matter has us closed and we cannot force them to sell either,” the source revealed to Mediotiempo.

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