What is costochondritis, the sequel to covid that affects children?

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The US National Library of Medicine reported that some cases of severe costochondritis have occurred in children who had the infection, symptoms and complications of this disease.

“New long-term consequences are being reported. Here, we report the case of severe costochondritis that does not respond to traditional treatment of a child who had a covid-19 infection a few months before.

Few studies have followed children infected with COVID-19, likely due to their lower rates of severe illness and hospitalization.

Most reported post-acute covid-19 sequelae are mild in severity, including postviral cough, fatigue, and inflammatory conditions, and generally resolve within three to six months of follow-up.

What is Costochondritis?

According to National Health Service Costochondritis is the medical term for inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the breastbone.

cartilage is tough yet flexible connective tissue found throughout the body, including in the joints between bones. It acts as a shock absorber with the joints.

Costochondritis may get better on its own after a few weeks, although it can last for several months or longer.

The condition does not lead to any permanent problems, but can sometimes relapse.


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