They reveal the big lie that Georgina Rodríguez hid from Cristiano

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It was released more than a week ago. I’m Georgina in Netflixthe series by Georgina Rodríguez, whom her close circle describes in six chapters as a great mother, wife and friend.

However, prior to the launch of this relatives they went out to exhibit the couple of the Portuguese soccer player, being his uncle Jesús Hernández the person who assured that she forgot about them as soon as she met the Manchester United striker.

Then her half-sister, Patricia, came out to attack her in Deluxe, declaring that she is very supportive of children in need, “but not her nephews.”

Now, Rosario, a close friend of her father Jorge, has brought up new songs from Georgina Rodríguez’s past in socialitewhich she would not have confessed to Cristiano Ronaldo, because she would not have wanted them to come to light: “She is afraid that the whole past will come out.”

According to the woman the parents of the model and influencer “are met in a nightclub where the mother worked and even being with Jorge (Georgina’s father) her mother “never stopped working at that, then she went to Italy”.

He added that even though his father was a drug trafficker, he was a good person and Thanks to him, Georgina and her family did not lack for anything, denying what was said by Cristiano’s partner, who in his series assures that he knows what it is to have everything and nothing.

“He may have been a drug trafficker, but he has been the best person I have ever thrown in my face. She has never had a lack of anything because her father has taken care of that. She has had everything. He has never lacked anything,” he concluded.


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