Gonzalo Pineda accused of breaking code between Damm and Atlanta United

Informants revealed that the agreement between the club, Damm and his agent was to keep the negotiations for his departure from Atlanta United private, but that DT Pineda triggered annoyance in the MLS club

UNITED STATES — While Jurgen Damm, his representative and the directive of the Atlanta United internally arranged the future of the 29-year-old Mexican striker, the coach Gonzalo Pineda He gave a statement that, according to sources consulted by ESPN, triggered the annoyance of both the club and the player himself.

Informants revealed that the agreement between the club, Damn and his agent was to hold negotiations for his departure from Atlanta United privately to resolve everything in the best way, since the MLS team’s proposal to renegotiate the contract and reduce salary was rejected by the 29-year-old footballer.

However, the manager of Atlanta United, Gonzalo Pineda, gave a message to the media on February 2, when it was already impossible to register Damm in any team in the Liga MX or most of the European Leagues due to the closure of passes.

“At the moment he is not in the team’s plans, at the moment he is training on his own and we obviously thank Jürgen for what he has brought to the team, but at the moment we are looking to go in another direction and I just hope that the Board of directors and his representative look for the best for him,” Pineda said on Wednesday of last week.

Damn clarified on social networks that while his future is defined, he continues to train with the youth in the Atlanta United 2 and that he is not willing to reduce his salary, since he has a valid contract for two and a half more years.

That Gonzalo came out to say what he said, watered everything. Gonzalo damaged the player’s image because at no time did he train alone, he continues to train at the club’s facilities,” a source with knowledge of the situation between the player and the team told ESPN.

“The coach was wrong to come out and say those things when the club, the player and his agent were talking about everything internally and the coach came out to make an out of place statement. The club has already told him that he was wrong to speak at that time.”

For now, what is clear is that neither the directive of the Atlanta United neither Pineda they have the player, who has a guaranteed salary of 1 million 582 thousand 509 dollars for 2022, one of the highest salaries in the squad for a Damm that barely added 790 minutes with the first team between 2020 and 2021 in 24 games played, 8 of them as a starter with 4 assists and zero goals in MLS, as well as one score in Concachampions.

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