BUAP Medicine stands out in the National Student Contest

Students of that Faculty obtained two second places in the categories of General Anatomy and Neuroanatomy

students of the BUAP Faculty of Medicine endorsed the educational quality and the values ​​with which they are formed by standing out with their participation in the XIII National Student Contest of Morphology, where they achieved two second places in the categories of General Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. A contest that is part of the XXIV National Meeting of Morphologyin which more than 230 students and professors of Medicine from 19 institutions throughout the country.

The awards went to the two teams made up of instructors from the Department of Human Anatomy and Dissection of the Faculty of Medicine of the BUAP. The Neuroanatomy group was made up of Emilio Gómez Villanueva, Dan Lisandro Romero Méndez, Jorge Alberto Hernández Vidal and Alan Fabián Córdova Argueta. While that of General Anatomy by Víctor Hugo Leyva Rosas, Stuart Javier Mialma Omaña, Arturo Elías Torres and Darío Guzmán Domínguez.

The contest consisted of two phases, a semifinal and a final; In the first, an online exam was applied, which was done within their academic unit. 13 teams participated in this test, of which the best five in the country were selected, including those from BUAP.

Subsequently, in the final stage, an exam of 30 questions was carried out, which was answered by all the members of the teams. The effort, preparation and management of knowledge was what allowed the students of the highest house of studies in Puebla to achieve good results and be on the podium by finishing second in their respective categories.

The XXIV National Morphology Meeting is organized by the Mexican Society of Anatomy, made up of renowned specialists in the area from all over the country and whose objective is to promote the study of Human Anatomy, as well as to consolidate the research of this area and related disciplines, such as Embryology, Surgery and Imaging, as the primary basis for the teaching of medical sciences.

The Faculty of Medicine of the BUAP has a historical and outstanding tradition in the training of professionals in the health area, at a technical, undergraduate and postgraduate level, with high scientific, technical, pedagogical and humanistic preparation, who contribute with great ethics and sense humanistic to the development of the state and the country.

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