Rayados fans block bus to hold Aguirre accountable | VIDEO

After signing a piece of paper in his first match of the Club World Cup with a painful defeat against Egypt’s Al Ahly, the team of Monterey Striped he had to deal with an angry protest from a group of fans who gathered at the club’s training ground in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

The fans of Rayados de Monterrey asked for an answer and in an unheard of way I tried to block the path of the truck after training at the facilities of the Zayed Sports City, where they asked to speak with the coach Javier Aguirreas reported by Multimedia from the capital of United Arab Emirates, where the Club World Cup is held.

Come down, Aguirre, for good! Tomorrow I will come, same time and we will be more, “warned one of the protesters. This occurred during the Arab night, after the Monterrey squad trained from 6:00 p.m. local time.

The tension increased because the security personnel were insufficient to disperse the complainerswhich even interrupted on a couple of occasions the passage of the bus from scratched.

Get off, culero!’, ‘eggs is what they lack, bastards!’, Were some of the expletives launched by the Monterrey fans, showing their disagreement.

Too in social networks they made themselves feltas one of the protesters reiterated that they did not have access to dialogue with players and coaching staff.

Aguirre, you did not want to speak for good and listen to us, just like the day you arrived you mentioned that you would listen to people, but… it wasn’t like that. Managers, DT’s and players come and go, but the fans will always be here. Up Monterrey and not those who care about the club“.

It is worth remembering that shortly after the defeat of Monterey at Club World CupDozens of eggs with the image of Javier Aguirre appeared outside the Rayados hotel.

However, Vasco himself clarified after the defeat that it was too early to think about his resignation, and that even with the failure in the tournament FIFA, the squad continues to compete in the MX League.

And it is that around a thousand royal followers made the trip to United Arab Emirates with the illusion of seeing his team in the Final, something that did not happen after losing to a rival who presented at least 13 casualties.

Directive already spoke with the Vasco

From the morning in Abu Dhabi, before breakfast at the concentration hotel, the albiazul board had a talk with Xavier Aguirre, who clearly claimed to be committed to the club, from which he does not intend to resign.

In addition, the board scheduled another talk with the coaching staff and players for this Sunday night. However, this will take place without the president of the Board of Directors of Rayados, Jose Gonzalez Ornelas who canceled the trip to Abu Dhabi, which he was scheduled to do this Monday, after Saturday’s defeat against Al Ahly Egyptian.

Rayados remains in Arab lands because on Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning of Central Mexico will play the match for fifth place before him Al-Jazeera of the United Arab Emirates for being the loser of the match against Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia this Sunday, when he was thrashed 4-1-


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