Carlos Pavn on Memo Ochoa’s statements: “You cannot defend the indefensible”

The Mexican team caused many doubts in the last FIFA Date during the qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, that is why he received some criticism and before that goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa did not remain silent.

“In the Qualifier now it turns out that everything is easy and the people who work with you know it and sometimes they forget what is happening here”, was what the Tricolor captain said at the end of the match against Panama.

Those statements were not to the liking of former Honduran player Carlos Pavn, who stated that he did not share the leadership exercised by the Americanist goalkeeper in the Aztec team: “You cannot defend the indefensible, we cannot sell smoke by saying that Mexico is playing extraordinary, no, you have to say what it is. If Memo Ochoa thought that throwing a dart is being a leader, he’s wrong,” he commented in TUDN.

Mexico is very close to Qatar, but the operation of the group that he directs Gerardo Martino has not satisfied part of the tricolor fans.

PHOTO: Imago7


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