This is how they convinced Iván Morales to reach Cruz Azul

Mexico City /

Iván Morales, reinforcement of Blue Cross, arrived first thing this Friday at Mexico City from chili. The striker stressed that the talks with some compatriots who have passed through La Noria and the messages he received from sky-blue fans convinced him to sign with his new club.

They have spoken very well to me of the club and that motivated me to come, which is a giant club and many fans of the Blue Cross They wrote to me so I’m really looking forward to it,” he said upon arrival.

And it is that the negotiations between the Machine, colo colo and the footballer himself experienced moments of tension and even at times seemed to fall, a situation that the 22-year-old recognized.

“The truth is that yes it was kind of complicated, but I am very happy. I come from one of the biggest clubs in Chilehey I get to the biggest of Mexico with high hopes of doing things well. I was always calm Blue Cross He always had an interest in me and knew that it could happen”.

This morning, Morales will undergo medical tests to report as soon as possible with the staff of John Reynoso and meet your new classmates. for the game on monday won’t be able to see action due to the work visa, but it is expected that he can debut between Day 5 and 6.

I come to make my contribution, eagerly and giving the best of me”

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