This is how the AMLO government will strengthen care in hospitals – El Financiero

The Federal Government will launch the health federalization plan which will consist of providing medical care to the population that does not have social security through the units attached to the IMSS Welfare program and resolving the lack of medical personnel, medicines and budget for the health sector in the 32 states of the republic.

The model will start in the states of Tlaxcala and Nayarit and then it will spread throughout the country.

“In order to guarantee the right to health, last year the president stated the purpose that in the year 2024, health hospitals in charge of state governments become IMSS welfare hospitals operated and managed by an institution with more stability and strength such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security”, said the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer.

The general objective of the plan is to “federalize health services for the population without social securityconcentrate the resources delivered to the states through a very special process and know the number of beneficiaries who will receive this care of quality and free services, “said the official.

It will be through the adhesion of state hospitals to the IMSS program that the central government, in cooperation with state governments, will strengthen the care model in four main areas:

one. Infrastructure. The government considered modernizing, rehabilitating and equipping hospitals with the premise of not doing anything new, ordering first-level care in principle and the second level later.

two. Contact health personnel. The contracting scheme and all those actions to transfer the personnel to the IMSS Welfare, a workforce, location and vacancies will be designed.

3. Supply of medicines and healing material. There will be supply levels and filled prescriptions in each medical care unit.

Four. Staff regularization. The working conditions of more than 87,000 workers hired for reasons of the pandemic will be improved based on seniority and job performance.

To determine the weaknesses in the medical units in each state, a “field diagnosis of infrastructure will be carried out to determine coverage and investments.”

According to the secretary of health, there will be no limits on financing, so the health budget will grow as long as the proper use of resources is exercised from the federation with “efficiency and austerity.”

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