Roma goes Genoa (0-0): Johan Vásquez started in the draw

Rome Italy /

In the Mexican National Team Gerardo Martino did not value the season you are having John Vasquez in Italy, but Genoa know their quality and regardless of the few days he had to prepare the game against Rome he started and fulfilled with an outstanding performance being key to dry the Loba and more noticeable when a teammate was sent off in the second half.

The goalless draw serves Genoa to think that he still has aspirations to save himself despite the fact that the task seems complicated, because with 14 units gets to four from Venice what is he 17th place of the classification in A series.

for this game Johan appeared as a left backa position that is unusual for the Mexican but that on occasions since his arrival at Italy has occupied and did not clash

Vasquez Who recovery leader in Europe’s top five leaguesshowed that this statistic is not the work of chance, the Mexican it was shown as a real wall to help your team.

The situation became more complicated for the Genoa when Leo Oestigard was expelled by a strong entry on the edge of the area, but it was then that Johan’s figure shone brighter.

about the end of the game Rome scored a goal that completely killed the Genoa already Vasquezbut referee had to see the play in the VAR for cancel the goal Well, in a previous play Abraham committed a foul on the Mexican.

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