Police arrest reporter in full broadcast of Beijing 2022 VIDEO

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A unusual image has taken place in the broadcasts of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, well the police stopped a link live for carry off detained at a dutch reporterso the images went viral.

Beijing 2022 is just beginning and beyond the delusion for the role that the mexicansa serious issue surrounding the event is the treatment of reporters as well as the high security measures imposed in Chinatwo elements that must be taken care of and balanced to avoid this type of situation.

Chinese police detained reporter in Beijing 2022

In social networks began to circulate a pretty weird video and it is that a dutch reporter I was just starting a link when was abruptly interrupted and then he was deprived of his liberty.

According to reports, this reporter Belongs to the Dutch chain NOSwhere he sought to give a preamble to what is lived in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics after the opening ceremony.

As seen in imagescan’t even begin to speak properly when a Chinese official arrives to interrupt him and he wants to take him by force, where he looks to keep talking to the camera but it is impossible. In the end they do manage to remove it from the place.

Although still has not been given a official version of why the reporter was detainedit is said that it is due to the high security measures imposed on China around the Covid-19where they will have zero tolerance with those who do not comply and things like this will happen.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics they continue their march and it is expected that the news will only revolve around the performance of the athletes.

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