In Boca Juniors they clarify the case of Ángel Romero, reinforcement of Cruz Azul

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The winter market gave rise to a struggle between Cruz Azul and Boca Juniors by some players, the most relevant case being arrival of Ángel Romero at La Noria and a frustrated incorporation of Cristian Pavónwhom he recognized was “close” to coming to Mexico.

Given the repercussion that the issue generated in Argentina, where it was pointed out that Romero preferred money over greatness, Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of the xeneize institution, clarified that they only spoke with the Paraguayan one time so as not to show interest again.

“On January 3, Marcelo Delgado asked him what he was going to do with his life. He told her that he had to go to Turkey and Russia with his brother, and that until January 15 he was going to analyze that possibility; After that day from Boca, Romero was never spoken to again.“, he claimed.

Immediately, the director pointed out that he only spoke about it with Héctor Lara, a cement director, who questioned him about the possibility of Romero going to Boca, this while they were negotiating with Guillermo Fernández, to tell him that “they weren’t talking to him”.

Pavón was close to arriving

Riquelme also referred to the negotiation between Cruz Azul and striker Cristian Pavón, which was not closed despite the fact that it was underway, to the extent that in Argentina it was mentioned that there was an agreement between clubs.

“It is also true that very recently they were talking with the people of Cruz Azul, and they couldn’t agree. When they say that we do not serve anyone, it is not true, we serve everyone. What we have clear is one thing: we defend our club to the death“.

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