Cristian Pavón wanted to stay in Boca and not in Cruz Azul

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The former soccer player and now manager of Boca, assured that Pavón was not interested in leaving the club.

Riquelme defended Pavón's decision.
© Getty ImagesRiquelme defended Pavón’s decision.

The Vice President of Boca Juniors, Juan Román Riquelme He spoke about why Cristian Pavón could not complete his departure to get to Cruz Azul, a novel that goes beyond economic claims, assured the manager.

The Machine became “infatuated” with Cristian, making him his most desired signing for this Clausura 2022, but in the end nothing happened, it even transpired that the main impediment was the economic issue.

This day in an interview for ESPN, Riquelme touched on the subject again, but not before making it clear that hehe Xeneizen doors have always been open to negotiate their footballers, as long as both parties so wish. And although it was not concluded, he stressed that Cruz Azul was very close to acquiring Pavón’s services.

“In Cruz Azul they have spoken with Pavón’s representative. They informed me that they were very close but it was nothing. When you hear that Boca doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t answer, it’s not like that. We know the rules of the game but this is reality. When they say we don’t serve anyone, it’s not true. We serve everyone, what we are clear about is that we defend our club to the death and it is very simple, we do just that, “he mentioned for ESPN.

Pavón did not want to leave Boca

Although it was said that the biggest obstacle was economics, “The last 10” explained that there were other reasons.

“There is no discussion here of money. Cruz Azul was speaking with Pavón’s representative. The negotiations with the LA Galaxy had ended and they did not want to negotiate because of the boy’s complaint. We are not going to go out every day to talk because we are focused on sports. We traveled to Arabia to play with Barcelona and on the plane I personally asked him what he wanted to do and he told me he wanted to stay with us“, he added.

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