This is the powerful superfood that will help you lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for the proper development of the body, as it will affect the work of cells. However, its excessive intake through foods that contain bad fats can cause a high cholesterol harmful to health. It is that the lipids will clog the arteries and hinder blood flow. In this context, specialists discovered that this disease can be combated through the consumption of almonds.

The argument is, according to experts, that nuts contain unsaturated fats that are healthy for the body and help prevent heart disease. Consequently, the consumption of almonds will be essential over the rest of the nuts to reduce the high cholesterol. “A recent study found that a diet supplemented with walnuts may reduce the risk of heart complications in people with a history of heart attack,” the researchers noted.

consumption of almonds It is not only useful to reduce the cholesterol bad, but also to counteract other health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, overweight, obesity and diabetes, thanks to its contribution of fibers and fundamental nutrients such as antioxidants. All this has been endorsed by scholars from different parts of the world, therefore health professionals have already begun to recommend its intake.

For example, scientists at Pennsylvania State University developed a comparison between patients with high cholesterol what they consumed almonds and those with LDL who did not. As a result, it was discovered that people who did eat nuts and had a reduction in cholesterol. In addition, in other research it was revealed that it not only reduces bad lipids, but also increases the levels and functionality of HDL or good cholesterol.

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Following this line, another study published in the scientific journal European Journal of Nutrition determined that almonds They help reduce the risk of heart disease due to their contribution in fiber and antioxidants such as vitamin E. That is why the intake of dried fruit is increasingly suggested to reduce high cholesterol.

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