Gonzalo Pineda brushes Jürgen Damm of Atlanta United; now looking for a team

They say that the worst enemy of a Mexican is another Mexican. And apparently for Jurgen Damm apply this saying, after Gonzalo PinedaAztec technician, took the reins of the Atlanta United since last season, and decided not to have the youth squad from Pachuca for this campaign.

“At this time does not enter team plans, is training on his own and we thank Jürgen for what he has brought to the team. We are looking to go in another direction and I hope that the board and his representative will seek the best for him,” Pineda commented.

Damm will finish his stage with the Atlanta United without penalty or glory, since he really had few outstanding performances and it was difficult for him to have regularity.

The speedy winger reached the mls for June of 2020after his contract with Tigres ended, for which he arrived for free at U.S.

Now, the Mexican player is in a delicate situation, since it was speculated that he could return to Mexican soccer, however, the records were closed this February first. The alternative you have Damn is to look for equipment in the MLS.

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